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Enervit Protein Bar




What we think

Established over 50 years ago by Italian pharmacist Paolo Sorbini, Enervit is a literal legend in the European endurance sport’s nutrition scene. Over the decades, they’ve aligned with some of the world’s most incredible athletes and teams such as renowned triathlete Alex Zanardi and claiming the official nutrition partnership of IRONMAN. 

Their most recent accomplishment is the signing of a 3-year deal with Pro Cycling Team UAE Team Emirates. The current TDF champion, Tadej Pogocar, is a HUGE fan. 

Aside from rubbing elbows with the best of the best in endurance sports, Enervit is serious about the science of functional nutrition and helping athletes be better, stronger, leaner, and faster through sports nutrition that’s grounded in science with no hyped-up claims.

Are you looking for the one of the best tasting decadent protein bars on the market?

It's no secret that your muscles need protein every day in order to grow and promote recovery . If you're working out however, it's best to consume it right after your workout as this stimulates the recovery for your next training session.

Why is it called Enervit Protein Bar 32%? "Because it's the protein bar that contains high-quality protein to help your muscle mass grow, and it's designed to provide you with valuable nutrients, with the added benefit of tasting incredible."

Enervit Protein Bar is the protein bar is one that packs a fantastic taste with a well balanced profile thanks to its intense dark chocolate coating and three layers of chocolate.  Not one...not two....but three!  Can you say yes please!

  • Contains 15g of milk and soy protein
  • Gluten and palm oil free

How We Use It

We like to take these with us for a post-workout protein packed treat. It contains the protein, carbohydrates, and fats you need to start the recovery process and replenish fuel stores. Because these bars are higher in fats and protein, we recommend saving them for after your workout because they won’t digest as well during exercise. Eat one within 30-60 minutes to make sure you’re recovering well and getting the most from your training!

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