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Enervit C2:1PRO Carbo Bar




What we think

Carbo Bar C2:1 is part of the next evolution of Enervit's line of product.

It's an oat-based bar designed in response to the needs of endurance athletes. They realize that we need to take high amounts of carbohydrate in various forms with us during key competitions or workouts. But, how can we carry so much food?

The hallmark of the Carbo Bar C2:1 is it's high density of carbohydrates per unit of volume. This means it provides high amounts of carbohydrates when you can't consume a high volume of food. A single 45g bar provides 30g of carbohydrates equally divided in a 2:1 ratio between glucose and fructose.


  • High energy density, low product weight
  • Glucose: fructose ratio of 2:1 pushes carbohydrate barrier
  • Satisfies the need for solid foods during long events or training sessions
  • Balanced organoleptic profile, minimizing "taste fatigue"

How to Use It:

Use the Carbo Bar C2:1 in conjunction with your normal fueling plan, especially on longer training sessions and events. It is easy on the stomach – so you can use it to meet your carb-per-hour goals. We suggest one every 20-30min.

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