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Enervit C2:1PRO Carbo Chews


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What we think

Enervit Carbo Chews C2:1 are the new chewable form of energy from Enervit. These chews add variety to the fueling line and are a notch above when it comes to details, as tested and confirmed by teams like UAE Emirates and Trek Segrefedo.

The development of this chewable was born from the notion that endurance athletes are taking up to 90-120g/h of carbohydrates now... and want variety. The current products just weren't making the cut in their mind, so Enervit Carbo Chews provide 30g of carbohydrates in a 6 chew format.


  • High energy density, low product weight
  • Glucose: fructose ratio of 2:1 pushes carbohydrate barrier
  • 30g of carbs per pack (6 x 5g each)
  • Satisfies the need to chew solid products during long rides.
  • Balanced organoleptic profile, minimizing "taste fatigue"

How to Use It:

Use the Carbo Chews C2:1 in conjunction with your normal fueling plan, especially in intense training sessions and events. We suggest either half the pack every 30min or space them out and eat a couple every 15min.

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