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DZ Nuts Embrocation Cream



What we think

DZ Nutz embrocation cream is the essential "embro" to carry in the gear bag leading up to to the cooler days and races.  What is "embrocation" you ask?  This embrocation cream is meant for rides and activity on cold days.  This cream warms the skin and muscles and has a weather-proof barrier film. It also makes the legs shine for that group ride or run!  Trust us...people will be looking at those legs!


Developed and tested on the European roads by professional cycling teams like Cannondale Garmin Pro Cyling, Twenty 16 Presented by Sho-Air, Velocio SRAM and many other Junior Development teams and cycling camps. An essential training and racing tool (6 oz tube).

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How We Use It

This product is perfect to use on those cold training or race days.  We start by saying this - make sure you have a towel to wipe your legs off when you get home!  This is key as the warming cream can get all over your gear and lycra gear doesn't do well with being marinated in the embro cream.  Also - Apply it when you are fully dressed.  This should be the last thing you do before you leave.  (Cough cough - wash those hands before you leave too)  Now that we got that out of the way....start with a small amount rubbed on the legs and wait a few minutes to feel it engage.  That's it....you are done!  Train your brains off!  Steal those KOM's.  And when you are done....wipe those legs off with that towel we mentioned.  Then throw that towel in the wash.  Wash your athletic clothes separately too.   


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