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Designs for Sport Mito NRG Complex




What we think

Support for the powerhouse.

Mito NRG Complex was designed to support the function of the mitochondria, “the powerhouse of the cell.” This formula may be great for anyone wishing to promote overall cellular and tissue vitality and health, including those wanting that bump in athletic performance.

Why are the Mitochondria so important?

When it comes to optimizing energy production, we have to get down into things at a cellular level. The foundation of improving how well your body can turn energy into watts comes from within the cells! The mitochondria is where the magic happens and Mito MRG is specifically formulated to concentrate on supporting their function.

What it supports:

  • Healthy energy levels
  • Athletic performance
  • Post-exercise muscle soreness
  • Efficient fat burning
  • Healthy weight management
  • Mental Clarity

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take four capsules per day with meals.


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