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Core Body Temperature Monitoring



What we think

We’ve known for years that core temperature is a vital measurement when trying to optimize human performance. However, it hasn’t always been easy to come by. Swallowing a $70 pill every training session isn’t ideal or cost-effective. And anal temperature monitoring suppositories… well let’s just leave it at that.

Core is the first wearable device that continuously and accurately measures core body temperature in real-time and sends the data to your Garmin or iOS Device. The result is the most advanced temperature tracking device on the market today and the start of an entirely new way of training. 

Core is from Switzerland and was first used at this past summer's Tour de France by one of the top teams (we can't say who), but we can say that there are now 3 teams in the Giro using the device including the Deceuninck–Quick-Step Team.

Here is some interesting data from two riders using Core during a stage of this summer's Tour de France.

Core Body Temp Tour de France


What I'm most excited about as we head into the winter is how the Core Body Temp can help me optimize my indoor training where overheating is a major problem for me and severely impacts my performance towards the 2nd half of Zwift races.

How does it work?

You strap your Core device to your heart rate strap or use the included medical grade adhesive patches that attach it. You won't even notice you have it on after a few minutes.

Then you can view your data in real-time on your Garmin or with the Core's own iOS application. The unit has Bluetooth BLE and Ant+ connectivity. We have a step by step video below that shows you how to setup Core with your Garmin. 

It is important to note that Core is measuring Core Body Temperature, not skin surface temperature. It does this via a series of algorithms that maps surface temperature to core body temperature and has shown to be just as accurate as a $70 e-pill that you swallow.

All the details:

  • Get insights into your core body temperature to monitor and improve your performance
  • Continual monitoring gives you an overview of your overall health and well-being 
  • Compact sensor solution (50 mm x 40 mm x 8.35 mm, only weighs 12 grams)
  • High body/skin temperature accuracy: ±0.05°C (typical) or ±0.13°C (max) from 20°C to 42°C
  • High core body temperature accuracy: ±0.26 °C
  • Non-invasive (used on the chest)
  • Enabling continuous monitoring
  • Battery life (Standby) [days]: Constant transmit time >6 (60)
  • Data storage capacity [hours]: 84
  • Data output streams: Body temperature and skin temperature.
  • Power supply: Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (via USB)
  • Charging time:~ 2 hours
  • Skin temperature accuracy [°C]:±0.05°C (typical) or ±0.13°C (max) from 20°C to 42°C
  • Water-resistant (IP67)
  • Bluetooth BLE & ANT+ Connectivity
  • APP support: iOS, Android, WatchOS, Wear OS and Garmin.

What's inside the box?


  • 1 CORE® Body Temp Patch.
  • 1 Android/iOS App for data downloading
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • Medical Adhesive Patches



      CORE accompanying Smart Phone Apps available in iOS and Android. Smartwatch Apps also available on Apple WatchOS, Garmin ConnectIQ with Android WearOS coming soon. Also compatible with many existing third-party apps and devices

      How to place the core device on your body:


      How to setup core with your Garmin Head Unit:

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