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Core Body Temperature Arm Strap



What we think

 Have a CORE but want to use it without the adhesive patches?  Look no further as this strap is here to make your life easier.  Clip on the CORE and adjust for the size you need.  Keep in mind the arm strap measurement is less accurate.

This soft strap is highly adjustable for wearing on your arm and adds a convenience factor if using frequently.  It's also hand wash friendly under some warm water and mild soap as sweat is well....sweat.  So always good to clean it after usage.  We usually clean ours after a weeks worth of use.


**Note - CORE unit is not part of this strap.  This is merely the arm strap that you are purchasing.   Also note that the arm temperature readings are less accurate and CORE recommends the unit to be placed on chest with the adhesive mounts or the chest strap.

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