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Clif Bars have been around for nearly 25 years and are as delicious and nutritious today as they’ve always been. With a soft baked chewy texture and tons of mouthwatering flavors to choose from, these organic, plant-based energy bars are packed with protein to keep you going on long rides, hikes, and other adventures. They’re also perfect for pre and post-workout refueling. 

But, they’re not just for athletes -- kids and busy parents LOVE them too. In fact, if you don’t hide your personal stash of your fav flavors, they’ll be gobbled up by the rest of the fam in no time!  

Really, the only *bad* thing about Clif bars has been making the tough choice on which one of their 20 delicious flavors to eat at any given setting. But, they’ve come up with a great solution for this *problem* with their latest creation...

Introducing Clif Bar Duos, a doubly delicious way to enjoy your favorite snack 

Duos are slightly smaller versions of the classic Clif Bar. They offer two different flavors in one bar without overdoing it on the calories...

Can we say genius??? 

By now, you’re probably wondering exactly which fantastic flavor combinations the Duo comes in. Here they are…  

Chocolate Brownie  + Crunchy Peanut Butter 

The indulgent flavor of a fresh-baked brownie meets the craveability of crunchy peanuts and peanut butter, all with organic rolled oats and 7g of plant-based protein for wholesome deliciousness you won't want to put down. 

Chocolate Brownie + White Chocolate Macadamia Nut 

Fresh-baked brownie flavor teams up with wholesome, organic rolled oats, crunchy macadamia nuts, and 6g of plant-based protein for a tasty energy bar that's twice as nice.

Cool Mint Chocolate + Chocolate Chip

Rich chocolate, refreshing mint, and the flavor of fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies come together with organic rolled oats and 6g of plant-based protein for a doubly delightful combination.

Why Buy From The Feed? 

Did you know that The Feed is one of the only places that offer ALL your favorite sport’s bars and drinks in single packs as well as bulk? This means you can mix and match a variety of flavors and not get stuck with a whole box of something that you grow tired of or decide you really don’t like after all. 

Even more importantly, everything from The Feed is guaranteed fresh! One of the biggest complaints you’ll see on Amazon is problems with freshness and concerns over quality. Clif Bars are always best when consumed fresh. No one likes a stale Clif Bar! We keep a very low inventory on hand of Clif Bars to make what we send out is ALWAYS fresh, guaranteed.

We know you care about your health, or you wouldn’t be here. So don’t put it at the risk of anonymous sellers buying leftover merchandise that’s ready to expire. Get your fuel at The Feed and enjoy Guaranteed Freshness and quality!

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