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Chia Smash




What we think

Reinventing the jam.

Chia Smash is a superfood fruit spread that will change how you view jam (it did for us, at least). While most jams are filled with unwarranted fillers or preservatives, Chia Smash is the only jam with zero added sugar, sugar alcohols, stevia, or preservatives –making it naturally paleo and vegan friendly.

Each jar is thoughtfully packed with over 75% real fruit, ensuring a bold and natural burst of fruit flavors. They've delicately added dates to infuse a touch of sweetness and a subtle date flavor that complements the fruit's tanginess. The result is a product that boasts a significantly lower sweetness level than your typical jams.

The magic behind the tasty texture and nutritional goodness of these jams lies in the inclusion of chia seeds. These tiny powerhouses not only provide the perfect gel-like consistency but also pack a mighty nutritional punch! 

What's in it?

Just four real ingredients: chia seeds, dates, lemon juice, and berries.

No added sugar, packed with superfoods, and made using "imperfect" fruits.

How to Use It:

We's say this is more than just the partner to your next PB&J. Top your oatmeal, toast, granola, yogurts, pancakes and waffles, add to smoothies, pair with cheese, create savory sauces & dressings, get baking and much more. We're stoked on the options.

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