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Cheribundi Sleep Concentrate




What we think

Restorative sleep is critical to your overall health and essential for athletic recovery. Cheribundi has created an ideal athlete sleep elixir by adding a few sleep-enhancing ingredients. 

What makes this special:

A good night’s rest is one of the most important aspects of recovery. The benefits that flow from a restorative night are unparalleled, and Cheribundi tries to tap into that. The sleep version is targeted at encouraging a restful night. With natural melatonin it’s meant to be taken just before bedtime, where it’s known to increase tryptophan and trigger sleepiness.

What’s in it? 

The Cheribundi Sleep unlocks deeper sleep support. Along with the natural recovery-enhancing properties, utilizing natural melatonin to improve your sleep quality.

What’re my options?

Comes in x2 strength packets

How to use it:

This is perfect for that pre-sleep ritual, take Sleep in the 20-30min before bedtime.

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