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Pure Concentrate 100% - Tart Cherries

Much of the literature suggests that tart cherries offer a range of health benefits, from faster recovery to better sleep. How is this so? It has been shown to help drastically reduce inflammation and mitigate stress enabling you to get more from your training.

This little gem packs a health and performance-enhancing punch. The Pure is just tart cherry juice. This is the highest antioxidant strength product they offer and is 100% tart cherries.

What's with tart cherries?

Tart cherries have been a hallmark product in the high-performance community. However, we know they benefit people from a health perspective just as much. Their properties have been linked to helping to reduce inflammation, mitigating oxidative stress, improving cardiovascular function, and improving recovery.

What’s in it?

Cheribundi has simplified our ability to get the goodness from tart cherries. This Pure product is just that: pure tart cherry juice. They pack the equivalent of 60 tart cherries into the 8oz bottle.

What’re my options?

This comes in either a bottle or a concentrate: a double-strength packet.

How to use it:

We suggest using it anytime post-workout, event, or activity. The goal of Cheribundi is to limit and mitigate the effects of our workouts, so afterward is ideal.

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