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Chargel Gel Drink




What we think

This new product has a neat twist on the standard gel. As the Chargel team puts it, this is a gel drink.

It's bigger packaging than most gels but offers a significant amount of carbohydrates in a smooth, refreshing pouch. Chargel refreshes like a beverage and satisfies like a snack.

What's in it? 

Chargel is one of the highest carbohydrate-packed gels out there. Each serving comes with 45g of quick energy (carbs), is formulated without artificial sweeteners, and is caffeine free. These gel drinks have only 60mg of sodium, so don't try to use this as an electrolyte replacement; pair this product with LMNT, for example, giving you a complete electrolyte profile without any additional sugar.

What is not in Chargel?

Chargel has no caffeine, gluten, artificial flavors/colors, or high fructose corn syrup and is plant-based. They're Informed Choice certified, so elite athletes can be sure they're clean!

What are the options?

They have White Grape, Strawberry, and Green Apple flavors.

Pro tip we like to drink these super cold, so pop them into your fridge the night before your workout.

How to use it:

Take this gel as your go-to energy bump mid-ride, race, or event as you would any other. Since it holds 45g of carbs, you can almost count it as a double serving of carbs. We suggest taking it 15min before and/or every 30 minutes during high-demand exercise.

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