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Chamois Butt'r Skin Wash



What we think

Chamois Butt'r Skin Wash is made for post ride cleanup when a shower is not available.  Brilliant if you ask us as we've all been there done that!   

Chamois Butt'r says - "Developed in c
ooperation with professional athletes and trainers to remove sweat, road grime, massage oils and embrocations after exercise. Skin Wash ingredients moisturize and condition the skin and will reduce the warming sensation of embrocations."

The use cases are endless - Pack Skin Wash for commuting, bike packing, camping, and especially for those post-ride patios.

**Hack Skin Wash by pouring the liquid into a reusable bag with a hand towel and stash it in your kit or handle bar bag for easy, portable clean-up.  Think of this as the one stop baby wipe for athletes


  • Clean, fresh scent leaves your skin feeling clean, cool and refreshed
  • Does not leave sticky residue or film on skin after use
  • Safely and effectively removes sweat, road grime, massage oils and embrocations from skin
  • Made in the USA

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