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Chamois Butt'r Eurostyle



What we think

When it comes to chafe prevention, you want a brand you can count on. Chamois Butt’r has been a staple on our bike rides for years. The non greasy skin lubricant developed by cyclists, helps alleviate and mitigate the chafing. It works right away when applied to a chafed and irritated area of your skin.  Simply put - if you want to ride in comfort - look no further!

The Chamois Butt'r story is quite simple - "Steve Mathews' love of riding bikes began in high school when he hopped on his bike and rode across Colorado with his friend, Ron. The summer was 1976 and Steve has been hooked on two wheels ever since. After a few years Steve's love of riding turned into an obsession that led to road racing and a lot of uncomfortable miles on a leather chamois.

After trying everything else on the market in 1988, the Original Chamois Butt’r® was born in a small garage in Kansas City, MO. Over twenty-five years later, we're still just as passionate about creating the best experience on a bike."

Don’t let chafing stop you from riding big miles! Snag the Chamois Butt’r Eurostyle anti-chafe cream.  It's specifically formulated with menthol and witch hazel to produce a cooling and soothing effect for cyclists who prefer a traditional European chamois creme.

Benefits of the Eurostyle:

  • No greasy residue

  • Immediately improves comfort

  • No parabens, phthalates, gluten or artificial fragrances

  • Won’t damage or discolor technical clothing

  • Restorative ingredients contain natural antiseptic properties to soothe already chafed skin

How we use it:
Coach Ben relies on Chamois Butt’r for his long weekend rides. Pre-ride, we recommend applying Chamois Butt’r onto your skin, onto your chamois pad, or both. Depending on your preference.

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