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CEP Recovery Compression Tights



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CEP's Recovery Compression Tights for both men and women are a cutting-edge solution for effective post-workout recovery. These compression tights are specifically designed to help you recover faster after vigorous exercise or competition.

The tights' advanced compression technology precisely targets the legs, providing increased blood flow that reduces swelling and congestion, which in turn enhances recovery. These tights are versatile and can be worn underneath clothing or athletic wear in everyday life, making on-the-go recovery more accessible than ever before.

By incorporating CEP's Recovery Compression Tights into your post-workout routine, you can experience the benefits of faster and more effective recovery. 

Key Features:

  • Extra-strong and precise compression for noticeable recovery effects after just two hours
  • Anatomical fit & high-quality material mix ensures maximum comfort
  • Easier to put on thanks to improved design
  • High-tech synthetic fibers reduce moisture and odor
  • Designed for an exceptional fit and durability for unmatched wearing comfort
  • All-Over-Effect: Optimum nutrient supply and compression in the leg with innovative open-toe foot section
  • Men's and Women's sizing available

Compression Level: 20-30 mmHg

Material: 75% Polyamide (Nylon), 25% Elastane


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