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Carbs Fuel Original Energy Gel




What we think

You hear it everyday: pro athletes consuming upwards of 100-140 grams of carbs every hour. Okay, sounds crazy, but it also sounds difficult to carry. After all, you don't get handed bottles and free nutrition from a team car. What about normal people? How do we carry that much? How can we afford that much?

Carbs Fuel

50 grams of carbs and 200 calories.

$2.00 per gel - the best carb-to-dollar gel in the world.

Carbs Fuel wanted to make their product as simple as possible so that you can consume the fuel you need with the least amount of complexity. They use no flavoring or preservatives but it has a bright, semi-sweet, refreshing taste.

2:1 glucose:fructose ratio, +100mg of sodium, and plenty of fuel.

How to Use Carbs Fuel:

We suggest 1-2 gels per hour, depending on your fueling comfort level. Make sure to consume alongside normal hydration.


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