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Brazyn Performance Life Morph Stick



What we think

This new product from Brazyn Performance has been dubbed the World's most versatile massage stick. This massage stick delivers precision massage anywhere anytime. Not only does the stick work wonders in relieving tightness from your major muscle groups, but it also comes with high-density foam rings that can transform the stick for deep tissue massage on knots and adhesions.

Cover the entire massage stick in rings to transform it into a mini foam roller or even an ab roller. Or, adjust the spacing of the rings to match your targeted body part:

  • Narrow: calves, forearms, triceps, biceps
  • Middle: shins, spine, pecs, neck
  • Wide: quads, hamstrings, glutes, back

The massage stick is 13" in length with a 6" massage surface, and the rings have a diameter 4" making it easy to carry with you wherever you're going. It fits in most backpacks, gym bags, and suit cases so you can relieve aching muscles when you need it most. Take your recovery to the next level on even the longest travel days with this Morph Stick!

How We Use It:

When traveling for races, we like to make sure this is the first thing we pack. You can use this in the airport, on the plane, and in your hotel room to make sure you are staying loose for your big event.

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