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Brazyn Life Collapsible Rollers



What we think

While you may have had an excuse for not using one of the best recovery tools on the market, Brazyn Life has now taken that away. Yes, the dreaded foam roller is mighty and powerful but has had its limits with travel and space-saving. Brazyn Life's Collapsible Roller makes taking this tool on the go a no-brainer. 

The foam roller has helped countless athletes recover, prep, and rebound their bodies before their next training session. When we first saw these we were amazed with the simplicity of the design. We were also eager about the ability to take them to multiple locations without reservation or that additional room needed with the conventional roller. These are a must have gear item for those that travel to and from destinations but never sacrifice their comfort.

According to Brazyn - BRAZYN LIFE is inspired by a lifelong dedication to one word: mobility. "Brazyn Life has an ethos: boldly, unabashedly, fearlessly live life – A BRAZYN LIFE. We believe life is lived and experienced through a series of finish lines (proverbial and literal).  Whether your next finish line is at the end of a race, the peak of a mountain, the buzzer at the end of a game, the close of a business deal, the Arrivals terminal in an exotic foreign land, or at simply taking those first steps towards a healthier life, Brazyn Life aims to give you the tools you need to accomplish your goals.  By providing products that are both innovative and dedicated to mobility, we cater to the lifestyle needs of anyone that takes their health seriously – from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, the young surfer to the retired yogi. At home or on the go, Brazyn Life wants to keep you in your peak physical condition so you can live life the way you’re meant to…Brazyn-ly!" 

We couldn't agree more!

*Note - There are two versions to the rollers and each of them come with a premium carrying bag and instructional leaflet for educating yourself on how to use them properly.  The TREK is the SMOOTH version where as the MORPH has a NUBBED surface and has more texture.  We will be expecting the MORPH in late September.


How to operate your Brazyn Foam Roller:



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