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Bon Bee Honey




What we think

The first time we ate a Bon Bee Honey, it was love at first taste. These bars are amazing.  Bon Bee Honey is a delicious combination of smooth honey with crunchy peanuts and pecans. Then they're coated with slightly salted sunflower seeds.

The combination makes it the best thing in the world. These amazing bars are made with 100% honey and no additional sweeteners.  Just the good stuff!  And did we mention those sunflower kernels that add just a bit of umpf to this already spectacular bar?

If you’re the kind of person that needs a reminder or encouragement to eat while working out, these are your cheerleaders. They might be a little too good, you'll be lucky if they even make it to your workout before getting devoured!

How We Use It

After just one, you'll be craving more! Bon Bee Honey provide great energy during workouts and make for a nice treat on the go. 

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