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Bobo's Oat Bars have been a local Boulder favorite for over 10 years. Bobo started baking bars in her kitchen and hasn't lost her home-made taste even though she has out-grown her kitchen! Bobo's Oat Bars come in 16 delicious flavors that are all gluten-free, non-GMO, wheat free and vegan. They are nutritionally dense with a great blend of high-quality ingredients. We love Bobo's because they are they are calorie dense, yet don't feel like a firm brick when you bite into them.

The Feed’s Fave: Peanut Butter, Original or Lemon Poppyseed.

How We Use It

Bobo’s Oat Bars are ideal as a grab-and-go breakfast, a midday snack, or fuel for long endurance sports. If you're training with Bobo's, we recommend eating half a bar at a time to give your body the chance to digest them properly.


How does Bobos bake the freshest, handmade treats on the planet:

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