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Bivo One Bottles (21oz)



What we think

We've found the answer to your non-plastic water bottle dreams…  

You probably know that some plastic water bottles aren't as friendly as they are meant to be. They’re bad for the environment, they leach estrogen-producing toxins AND they can even taste like plastic. Not ideal… (Note - all the bottles we sell at The Feed are BPA Free so that you don't have to worry about this)

Still, some athletes want to skip the plastic altogether. But, finding a lightweight, stainless-steel water bottle that has an amazing flow rate and won’t slow you down is like finding a need in a haystack, until now...

...we’ve found the needle! 

Introducing Bivo One and Bivo Raw water bottle.

The first stainless-steel bottle with a flow rate designed for cyclists.

“’I love the way this bottle works and looks! The stainless steel body slides in and out of my water bottle cage oh-so-smoothly, and the drinking experience is excellent. I've been looking to reduce the number of plastic products I use in general, my Bivo bottle is a step in the right direction. (Be sure to switch out the screws on your bottle cage with the ones that come with the bottle. I didn't my first ride and ended up scratching the coating). -- Linda B

Here's why we Bivo... 

  • Patent-pending high-flow sports nozzle which was designed by an ex-NASA engineer and uses gravity to deliver water as fast as squeezing a plastic water bottle, giving you an unmatched flow rate and ensuring you can drink quickly without missing a beat!

  • Anti-rattle and an anti-slip silicone exterior so that you can enjoy a quiet ride listening to the birds without unnecessary rattling driving you nuts. The easy-to-grip silicone ensures you can grasp your bottle with ease no matter how fast you're flying!

  • Food-grade silicone components so that you don’t expose yourself to harmful toxins found in plastics and your water tastes like it should... pure water.

  • 100% recyclable stainless steel so that it lasts a long time AND you can feel good about helping the environment. Even more awesome? Bivo is a carbon-neutral company!

  • Tastes like pure, refreshing waterONLY. Thanks to Bivo's stainless steel, food-grade silicone, and easy disassembly for keeping it clean and mold-free, your water will always take exactly like it’s supposed to… water.

  • Super sleek design because water bottle envy is a thing.

Fun fact - you can empty a Bivo bottle faster than you can squeeze most traditional 21oz plastic bottles. It's really that fast! 

There are two different Bivo bottle types to fit your style… 

The Bivo One is like your favorite leather boots. It will age with love and use

As your Bivo One bottle becomes your new favorite hydration sidekick, you’ll notice that it's silicone coating is susceptible to the wear-and-tear of a cyclist’s demanding lifestyle. For those who appreciate the story behind every scratch, dent, scuff, and fall. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

If a bottle that scratches isn't your style, don't worry, we've got a bottle for you. The Bivo One Raw puts function above all else, forgoing the colors for pure durability. 

Either way you go, Bivo is designed to be your forever-bottle and will be by your side for years to come.  

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