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Betty Lou's Nut Butter Balls




What we think

Betty Lou’s was started by a mom in her kitchen with the goal of reducing refined sugars in her family’s diet. She knows how to make tasty treats, and made it her mission to create great tasting bars with the best ingredients. These Nut Butter Balls contain vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free as well as low in added sugars. They are a tasty option for post workout fuel and contain the optimal 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio for recovery. Not to mention they are conveniently packaged in individual servings to make the perfect on the go snack. There are even a couple of awesome paleo options to meet everyone’s fueling preferences.

Feed's Fave:  We can't pick one!  They are all insanely good!

How We Use It

Take these with you to have after a long ride or run or keep them in your desk drawer at work for a satisfying snack. The protein and fiber will help keep you feeling full, making them a great mid-day or post-workout snacking option.

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