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Betty Lou's Bars




What we think

A down-right homemade bar.

Betty Lou’s was started by a mom in her kitchen with the goal of reducing refined sugars in her family’s diet. Her bars are made with non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan ingredients and are sweetened with natural sweeteners such as honey and fruit juice concentrate. She knows how to make tasty treats and has made it her mission to create great tasting bars with the best ingredients.

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I'm craving the taste of a warm piece of pie right now” during a workout... then these bars are for you! Even if you haven't, you'll know what you've been missing when you take one of these out.

These bars come in a variety of fruit-based flavors and can be enjoyed by athletes, adults, and kids alike.

Feed's Fave - Blackberry

How to use them:

These bars are great for those post-workout sweet tooth cravings. Slip one into your pocket for a long ride or into your desk drawer for a mid-day pick-me-up. We even recommend taking them out of the wrapper and heating them in the microwave for a healthier dessert alternative!


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