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Beet It Sport Nitrate Shot




What we think

Beet your personal best!

Beets have been around the endurance sports and nutrition world for a long time, praised for their nitrate-delivering properties and performance supporting nutrients. They essentially signal the body to open up the blood vessels and deliver more oxygen-rich blood to your hard working muscles. Important not only for peak performance but also for general health.

However, their application has ebbed and flowed as companies figure out how to get the best out of them...without a rough, earthy taste.

Can't Beet the Taste

Beet It is a lacto- fermented beet juice – which explain why it tastes smoother and better than most other beet juices which have additives to make up for it, like lemon juice or citric acid.

The ingredients are pure and simple: 90% beet juice blended with 10% apple juice - which adds a bit of smoothness to the familiar earthy flavor of beets. 

Can't Beet the Proof

The Beet It Sport shot has been extensively employed by both the research community (over 300 universities and research institutions worldwide) and the elite sports world (over 150 professional sports teams). Including, but not limited to, 2023 Tour de France champ Jonas Vingegaard and his Jumbo Visma team.

The Sports Shot is a highly concentrated version of the goodness of beet juice, delivering 400mg of dietary nitrate in a small, portable shot. Thus, you can take it with you anytime, anywhere.

How to Use It:

Enjoy Beet It with breakfast, on its own before a big training session, or whenever you are preparing for a key event. Beet It Sports Shot comes in single portable shots of 2.4 fl oz (70ml) or a pack of 12. 


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