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Bare Performance Nutrition Electrolytes




What we think

When it comes to workouts, hydration is one of the most important aspects you can control. To have a good day, you need to be on top of it. That's why BPN has packed their electrolyte formula with a complete profile of these essential minerals. By replenishing electrolytes, not just water, you'll maintain optimal hydration levels, fight off dehydration, and support your performance. 

Along with 500mg of sodium, you get a completely balanced and a clean profile.

By simply adding it to your water, you'll prep yourself with electrolytes, keeping those dehydration symptoms at bay. It's not just about "inter" workout, it's also about how you hydrate around your workout.

We believe in keeping things clean and simple. That's why we like BPN. This electrolyte powder is sugar-free and naturally sweetened; stripped away of unnecessary additives, it leaves you with only the essentials.

How to Use It:

Mix 1 serving (1 scoop) in 12-16 oz of water and consume as desired. Use around training sessions (pre and post) as well as throughout the day depending on your training and environment. 

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