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What we think

If you’re plant-based and looking for an organic recovery drink… This is the one!

Ascent fuel is recognized for their high quality protein. Now even better, high quality plant-based protein. 

25g of Protein per serving. You read that right! As athletes, we know that a post-workout recovery drink requires more than just protein. This recovery mix includes a complete Amino Acid Profile, including 4g of BCAAs.

You don’t like chalky plant-based drinks? No worries! Ascent fuel formulated a perfect blend that is delicious, smooth and made from real food sources. You’ll definitely look forward to drinking this one, whether you’re looking for extra protein in a morning smoothie or just as a post-workout shake!

Certified USDA Organic, this plant-based recovery mix is equivalent to protein found selectively in:

1 ½ cups of Lentils

4 Large Eggs

3 cups of quinoa

1 small chicken breast

¾ cup of almonds.

This Gluten Free, Soy Free and vegan supplement makes it super easy to be on top of your protein game. It is also low in sugar and carbohydrates, making it strictly a protein recovery shake. With zero artificial ingredients and it being Informed Sports Certified, you’re promised nothing but a clean and quality heavy muscle recovery shake!

The Feed Fave: Vanilla bean. Something about vanilla beans always does it right!

How We Use It:

We like to start our mornings with a protein smoothie. Just add a scoop to your favorite smoothie for a fulfilling breakfast. After a heavy workout, we like to add 1 scoop to 8-10z of almond milk for optimal muscle recovery and growth!

Ascent fuel believes in hard work and that hard work doesn't come easy. Based in Denver, Colorado, Ascent has been making high-quality protein for more than 3 decades, and delivering the best to their athletes.

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