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What we think

If you've been looking for a new protein powder to speed up your recovery, here it is! This protein powder sets itself apart because it uses high quality milk, few ingredients, and natural sweeteners to provide an optimal blend of amino acids for muscle building and recovery. They create the whey isolate with milk purchased from trusted dairy farmers in their own facilities without using artificial flavors, colors, or additives. This is a good option for elite athletes because Ascent products are third party tested and Informed Sport Certified, meaning each batch is tested to ensure it is free from banned substances.

Another unique aspect of Ascent’s whey protein powder is that one scoop contains 5.7 grams of leucine, an amino acid that is essential for muscle synthesis. Research has shown that consuming at least 3 grams of leucine post-workout can improve muscle building and optimize recovery. We highly recommend adding this product to your recovery regimen!

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How We Use It

We like to add one scoop to 10-12 oz. of water or our favorite smoothie for a grab-and-go post-workout recovery option. Because 1 scoop is packed with 25 grams of protein, this protein powder is great to add to baking mixes, oatmeal, or even coffee to a pack an extra protein punch into your favorite foods.


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