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AMACX Turbo Gel




What we think

AMACX Turbo Gel is a bumped-up version of their Energy Drink Gel!

Similar to the AMACX Energy Drink Gel, this gel is something of a happy medium when it comes to delivering an impactful amount of energy, while still allowing water to be absorbed relatively quickly.

However, the AMACX Turbo Gel packs a whopping 40g of carbs per 60ml serving. That’s inline with some of the more progressive gels we’re seeing come to market – making fueling simple and less product-intensive. It comes in a 1:0.8 carb ratio allowing you to reach high fueling amounts. All you need is 2 of these for a full 80g fueling plan!

Take the AMACX Turbo Gel during moments when you demand a lot from your body and need to keep the gas pedal down!


  • Supports high energy demand during intense events
  • Ready to use, easy to use.
  • Various soft and fresh flavors
  • A mix of fast and slow carbohydrates
  • Contains 40 grams of carbs per drinkable gel (60ml)
  • Also available with caffeine (100mg!)

How to Use It:

Take 1-2 gels per hour of effort (40-80g of carbs) since these are higher dosage. Usage depends on the individual's carbohydrate needs. This drinkable gel is ready to use and can be consumed without water. Take the Turbo Gel just before or during an intense sports session.


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