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When SUR came onto the scene a few months back we knew they were on to something.  Something big!  They unleashed a game-changing phytonutrient naturally found in beets called Betalain. This powerful, plant-based ingredient, exclusive to AltRed, improves oxygen delivery, mitigates lactic acid and protects muscles from damage during activity.

AltRed's athletic performance and recovery benefits are clinically proven together by two placebo controlled, double-blind, crossover University studies and years of field testing with endurance athletes.  AltRed is NSF Certified for Sport®, and Informed Choice Trusted by Sport, the two leaders in our industry. AltRed has been tested for substances prohibited in sport, and contains what is on the label.  Can you say win win?  We've been testing this in house for a few months now and the results are outstanding.  This is now a staple in our supplement closet and the results are in.  It works...and works well!


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Wendy C.
United States
I recommend this product

It does work!

No soreness after long runs at all. Second bottle an I still like it

Annie McGee

I was looking for something natural to help with the demands of high intensity marathon/triathlon training (2-5 hours daily) and Alt Red provided exactly what I needed. I noticed huge benefits in the ability to maintain consistent energy output during long training days and the ability to comfortably hit goal times during speed/tempo workouts. The biggest gain I feel is in recovery and the lack of soreness felt after tough/long workouts. I feel comfortable and strong heading into workout after workout knowing my body is strong and getting stronger with the help of Alt Red.

Bryan P

This product changed my training completely. I recover faster which means I can train harder more of the time. That leads to bigger gains and better race day performance. I am a long course triathlete and saw significant gains this year because I could train the way I have always wanted. I feel less fatigued day to day. I always feel ready on race day. I'm performing the way I have always wanted with no other changes to my training approach or schedule.

Tamatha R.

I have been using AltRed for over a year now, and believe it has improved my overall performance tremendously, especially when it comes to recovery and endurance. I feel stronger and no longer notice �stale legs�.


It just works

Love this stuff. Simple and easy. Nothing but good things to say about the results.

D Herrick

I have been taking AltRed for about 3 weeks and noticed a difference in my recovery and overall body within 1 week. I have always liked beets...but let's be honest, I can only eat so many before my stomach revolts on a run. AltRed continues to give my body the benefits of the phyonutrients and recovers my legs and overall self better each day I continues to take it. Here's to many more days, weeks, months, and years of recovering even better and training smart!

Maria Cline

It made a big difference for me. It keeps me going on the long races. It helps with my recovery. I take another one after 1.5 to 2 hours. It works!!

Russell Hirata

Sur AltRed Betalain has been really successful I think the composition from beets seem to give a great boost In power. It seems to last about an hour to hour half but it works!