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Alpine Start Coffee with Benefits




What we think

What if your coffee came with benefits?

Immunity+Focus is an Organic instant coffee and non-dairy creamer powered by a variety of really solid herbals. This blend is aimed towards providing mental clarity and immune support through pairing their unique ingredients with the punch of coffee.

It comes in a bulk pack of 12, so you can pack some for the whole family on a camping trip or just keep it stashed away in your pantry.

Key Features:

1700mg of MCTs

100mg Reishi Mushroom Extract

100mg Lions Mane Extract

100mg of Caffeine

Vitamin D + A

It’s Great For:

Early mornings, camping, adventures, being on the road, and if you’re feeling a little “down”. These single servings are easy to toss in a bag and break out whenever and wherever you need them.

How to Use:

Pour one packet into a mug, add 8-10oz of (preferably hot) water or milk of choice, stir and enjoy!

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