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Do you have neck and shoulder pain? Maybe tension headaches? It's a tough nut to crack and can linger through training, travel, and work.

The NUCKLE is the first tool designed to target those tiny muscles (suboccipital muscles) at the base of the skull to release, relax and realign your neck and shoulders.

Many people develop chronic pain when those tiny muscles become shortened by lots of time looking at a computer, phone, etc... (aka tech neck). Yet, that's not the only culprit – there's also a little known muscle in your chest, the pec minor.

This also draws you forward as we have a more rounded posture due to daily life habits. The pec minor can become tight and leads to additional upper body issues.

How the NUCKLE works:

With its innovative, patent-pending design and the variation it has in distance from the spine, the NUCKLE targets the precise muscles that usually would only be released by a visit to a skilled therapist.

You’ll say "goodbye" to the debilitating pain caused by hours sitting behind the computer, typing for long hours, staring into your phone and tablet, and overall poor posture. The NUCKLE is such an easy tool to travel with, keep lying around, and incorporate into daily life. 

How to use it:

Start by choosing which tip width you’d like to start with. Place the NUCKLE under your neck, allowing the 2 tips to press on each side of the spine. Adjust the NUCKLE up or down your spine to identify an area that feels tight or painful.  Once you have found the spot, gently allow the tool to release the muscle by staying on that spot without moving.

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