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Acumobility Foam Roller



What we think

All rollers are created equally right?  Wrong!  We at The Feed feel as if the rollers we carry all serve a specific purpose and more importantly a "need" to the athlete within.  The Eclipse Roller from Acumobility is the first and only foam roller that also functions as a trigger point release tool and it is the only roller that contours to the angles of the body so you can get into every single nook and cranny.  There are  5 pressure strips that enable you to target 5 different muscles at the same time.  Say that again?  You heard that right!  What this means is that you can effectively roll your entire body 5x faster than a traditional roller that has only 1 contact point.  We all know that having a tool in the athletic wardrobe that saves time and gets you recovered quicker is a game changer.  Say no more we are in with this roller!

What is amazing about this roller is that it is made with the option to advance levels.  The round end caps are for novices who need to "ease into" rolling.  Yes...you need to "ease into" it as it's quite important not to over do it.  You can advance to the next level as you see fit....but be warned...you'll never feel better!  

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