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Lean into the “burn”… and right through it.

The bicarb revolution is back! First: what is this all about? High-intensity exercise can result in the accumulation of hydrogen ions (H+), causing a decrease in muscle pH, a process known as acidosis. This acidosis negatively impacts performance and creates that feeling where your legs feel like they’re turning through concrete.

However, sodium bicarbonate supplementation can be beneficial here. It works by increasing the concentration of bicarbonate in the blood, which in turn raises blood pH levels. This elevation in blood pH helps facilitate the movement of H+ ions out of the muscles. Consequently, it allows for better control of muscle pH, which is advantageous for power-based training sessions and races.

In essence, sodium bicarbonate can be a valuable tool in mitigating the performance-limiting effects of acidosis during high-intensity exercise.

How to Use It:

To effectively use Sodium Bicarb as a supplement, aim for a total intake of 0.3-0.4 grams per kilogram of body weight. This translates to 16 capsules for a 60-kilogram person (at 0.3 g/kg) and 28 capsules for an 80-kilogram person (at 0.4 g/kg). Ideally, take these capsules 2 to 8 hours before the beginning of your effort. If you can tolerate it, you may opt for the classic loading protocol.

Here's a breakdown of how to take the capsules:

  • Consume all the capsules within 90-120 minutes before the competition.
  • If you are prone to GI issues, consider spreading the capsule intake over a longer duration, such as 6-8 hours. In this case, take most capsules (5-10) with one or more meals and smaller doses (2-3) in between with a small snack.

It's crucial to note that 6D Sodium Bicarb contains a significantly high concentration of sodium, which increases the risk of GI discomfort. To mitigate this risk, it's strongly advised to ingest the capsules with an ample amount of water.


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