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6d Sports Nutrition Iso Gel




What we think

A rising trend in the world of energy supplements is the emergence of "drinkable gels” or watery gels. These often come in larger 60ml sizes, resulting in a thinner and more liquid texture. What’s the big deal? Similar to compact energy gels, these are "isotonic gels" and are an ultra-liquid version of gels, akin to sports drinks. This eliminates the need for additional water for absorption as they are inherently isotonic and can be consumed easily on their own.

These isotonic gels stand as the go-to choice when a quick energy boost is required, especially in situations where drinking simultaneously may not be reasonable, or desired. Think of those moments that are fast-paced and limit your ability to eat. For those seeking an added kick, the Isogel + Caffeine version is an excellent choice.

They are a bit shy of the Energy Gel cousin from 6D in terms of fuel quantity, bringing 20g of carbs and no sodium. They make a great addition to your fueling plan for easy carbs, though.

How to Use It:

We suggest 1-3 gels per hour of exercise, depending on exercise duration and intensity, plus fueling tolerance. Despite the fact that the 6D Isogel is already isotonic by itself, it is still important to hydrate!

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