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6d Sports Nutrition Energy Gel




What we think

The hallmark of "energy gels" are the more compact, denser gels like 6D’s Energy Gel. This gel boasts an impressive 75% carbohydrate content (30g/40ml). It's a concentrated formulation best enjoyed with a few sips of water. This strategy creates a "diluted concentration" within the stomach, facilitating rapid absorption and significantly minimizing the likelihood of gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort.

The 6D Energy Gel is in its optimal 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio, coupled with the addition of 200mg of sodium per 40ml serving. This we can appreciate because many athletes rely on gels to help them accomplish both fuel and hydration (sodium) goals and many gels are very limited in their sodium. It’s a great choice for endurance activities lasting over two hours.

For those seeking an extra boost, the Energy + Caffeine Gel goes a step further by providing an additional 75mg of caffeine. This one is ideal for consumption during endurance activities leading up to pivotal moments in a competition, offering that much-needed edge when it counts most.

How to Use It:

Take one gel every half-hour of activity, best consumed alongside hydration/water. If you are seeking for a “last lap punch”, check out the caffeinated version for a boost!

Use 1-3 gels per hour of exercise, depending on exercise duration and intensity (plus fueling tolerance) and consume with water.

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