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2Before Blackcurrant Pre-workout




What we think

Are you seeking a natural pre workout without compromising on taste, texture, or unwanted symptoms? We know experiences can vary widely with other pre-workout products but the one from 2Before has a twist. It's a well-balanced, clean pre-workout from one smart berry: the New Zealand Blackcurrant. 

Why the Blackcurrant?

"Blackcurrant anthocyanins are unique plant phenolics with exceptionally high antioxidant activity and health promoting qualities." Essentially, it's a little powerhouse that we don't hear much about. The Blackcurrent is a really potent vasodilator + is full of antioxidant properties. This means improved blood flow and nutrient transportation when you need it most.

The Blackcurrant base of these products is produced in New Zealand and is created by air drying blackcurrant juice, resulting in an antioxidant-rich powder.

Not only does 2before offer an effective natural pre workout boost, but it also delivers general health benefits. It can boost your immunity, sharpen your mental focus, and support your health. 

They offer both a regular and caffeinated version (which comes with 120mg of caffeine from coffee beans).


  • Improves athletic performance 
  • Improves recovery after exercise 
  • Supports immunity 
  • Improves blood flow 
  • Manages inflammation for tissue repair 

How to Use It:

Pour 1 sachet into water and stir well. For optimal results, we suggest you take it 30-60 min before your workout. Also compatible with your smoothies or over the duration of your exercise in a bottle.

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