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Ketone-IQ™️ delivers a clean, focused boost of energy to power your routine workouts and your toughest competitions. This revolutionary drink has only 1 active ingredient: pure ketones [R-1,3 Butanediol], an ancient energy source scientifically proven to support mental clarity, endurance, recovery, and more.

  • Contains 10 servings of ketones per bottle
  • Effective and affordable at only $0.40/gram
  • Ships internationally

Worth the hype.


"Ketone-IQ™ is very prevalent out there in all high-performing sports but especially the peloton. You've been living under a rock if you haven't heard of ketones."

Lance Armstrong


"Ketone-IQ™ gives me sustained energy and increases my ability to focus, especially during long training days."

Angela Naeth


"Taking Ketone-IQ™ first thing in the morning gets me back into being a kid again, with boundless energy for me to tackle any workouts of the day."

Tenchi So


Is Ketone-IQ™ WADA-Compliant?

Ketone-IQ™️ is compliant with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) standards. It's safe to use before and during competitions.

How is Ketone-IQ™️ different from other ketones on the market?

Ketone-IQ™️ is the second generation of H.V.M.N.'s ketone tech, created from insights that we gained through a $6 million contract from USSOCOM. It's designed to keep your ketones at optimal levels for a longer period of time. Plus, it's better-tasting and much more affordable at only $0.40 per gram.

What does Ketone-IQ™️ taste like?

Ketone-IQ™️ is an acquired taste. We like to say that it "tastes like it works." You can take it like a shot of alcohol, mix it with other drinks, or sip it on the rocks.

Should I take Ketone-IQ™️ with carbs?

Yes! For optimal endurance and recovery benefits, we strongly recommend that athletes take Ketone-IQ™️ with carbs. Use it to enhance your nutrition strategy.

How do I take Ketone-IQ™️ for workouts or competitions?

We recommend taking 1 serving 30-60 minutes before exercise with your usual pre-workout fuel. For extended exercise or competitions, take an additional serving every ~2 hours. Consult with your coach or nutritionist on how to incorporate Ketone-IQ™️ into your regimen.

How much Ketone-IQ™️ should I take?

We recommend taking 1–3 servings of Ketone-IQ™️ per day. Each 100g bottle contains 10 servings.