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TdeltaS Ketone Ester Delta G

The original Oxford Ketone Ester used by professional athletes for faster recovery and increased endurance. Each bottle contains 25g of deltaG — a revolutionary molecule that supports endurance, mental acuity, and recovery.

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How it works

  • Endurance

    Drink one bottle 30 minutes before training or racing with at least 10g of carbs or a pre-workout drink containing caffeine. Then, consume another bottle every 60 to 90 minutes. Always consume with carbs for maximum performance, and limit daily consumption to 4 bottles.

  • Mental Acuity

    For increased mental acuity, drink half a bottle every 90 minutes, ideally combined with a caffeinated beverage for 90-minutes of flow state and focus.

  • Recovery

    For post-workout recovery during heavy training or multi-day races, drink one bottle 30 minutes after exercise with your preferred post-workout nutrition. You may also find that an additional bottle before bed further enhances next day recovery.


How deltaG Works

Developed exclusively by T△S Ltd, deltaG is a novel nutritional ketone supplement that directly supports human metabolism.

deltaG is an efficient fuel that is used rapidly by both the brain and the body. When fasting, on a low carb diet, or during endurance exercise, the small stores of glucose and glycogen that are stored in the liver and muscle can quickly become depleted. As a result, the body switches from burning glucose for energy to burning fat. To replace the diminishing supply of glucose, the liver converts fat into ketones for the brain. Ketones thus become a valuable energy source that effectively increase metabolic efficiency.

A University of Oxford scientific study reported that elite cyclists rode 400+ meters further, and produced less lactate, after consuming deltaG compared to a dextrose drink that contained the same number of calories. Further studies have demonstrated that deltaG assists recovery following exercise by rapid repletion of glycogen stores.

  • More endurance energy by sparing glycogen
  • Better recovery for multi-day events and high volume training weeks
  • Increased mental acuity at work and for your workout
  • Hunger suppression to assist with intermittent fasting

The deltaG Oxford Ketone Ester supplies D-beta-hydroxybutyrate, a robust fuel, to support physical and cognitive endurance.

Operating at the cellular level, the proprietary Oxford Ketone Ester breaks down slowly in the body to provide sustained energy for several hours.

Supplement Facts

“After an 8 hour race, I couldn’t even feel the pedals. I just kept going and going like I was the Energizer bunny”

Pro Cyclist


“I got to my racing weight 6 weeks ahead of schedule before the first World Cup race and not only did I not lose power, I gained it!”

World Cup Mountain Bike Racer


“I personally bought Ketones for the entire team at last year’s Vuelta. If you aren’t using Ketones, you may as well start 1KM behind the start line”

Tour de France Cyclist


Is this the same as HVMN Ketones?

HVMN was the licensee of deltaG for a number of years. Now, the team at Oxford have developed their own company called T Delta Global that is the exclusive source of deltaG Ketones. The active ingredient is the same as the former HVMN Ketone product.

What does it taste like?

It tastes really bad, but over time you will become accustomed. The taste is somewhat masked by a small amount of sweetener and blueberry flavoring that is mixed with each bottle. Ketone’s popularity, despite the taste, is a testament to their effectiveness.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to most countries. We are not able to offer free shipping for international deliveries. We highly recommend paying duties and taxes during checkout for faster delivery.

Why combine with carbs?

If you are using Ketones for sports performance, it is recommended that you consume a minimum of 10g of carbs to ensure that your body does not shut down glycolysis.

What about caffeine?

Many athletes report even further mental acuity gains when they combine 50mg to 100mg of caffeine when they consume their Ketones.

What is the difference between ΔG and ΔH?

ΔG is a higher dosage at 25g of Ketone Ester and recommended for sports performance. ΔH is a lower dosage at 10g of Ketone Ester and is recommended for supporting daily health benefits, fasting, mental acuity boost, and other health benefits.