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SwissRX set out to build a supplement company for the world's top athletes. Utilizing patented ingredients and looking to science for therapeutic dosages, SwissRX products are guaranteed to work better.

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What Makes SwissRX Different

SwissRX set out to build a supplement company that the world's top athletes could trust. A company that would spare no expense in using only the finest ingredients proven by clinical science. Backed by numerous studies, SwissRX products are proven to work better.

You've probably seen countless supplement brands pointing to clinical studies to support their products. Many of these companies all utlize the same studies, but few of them actually use the studied ingreients in their products due to cost. This is where the SwissRX spare-no-expense approach really makes a difference.

When formulating products, SwissRX sources the exact same ingredients used in the clinical studies, regardless of cost. The result is a supplement that is of the utmost purity, bioavailability and effectiveness. In short, SwissRX products work better because they contain better ingredients.

  • Evidence based dosages for optimal benefits
  • Formulated for the unique needs of athletes
  • Created with clinically studied ingredients
  • Trusted by the world's top athletes

"During heavy training blocks, nutrition and recovery are everything. It's great to have SwissRX Total Recovery with me when I'm looking for an easy way to recover between workouts."

Chris Froome, 4-time Tour de France Winner


"I've been taking SwissRX Gut Defense every night for about 5 weeks and it has absolutely changed my life. Leaky gut issues feel totally patched up and I feel like I'm finally digesting food properly. My clothes fit better, and I have much more energy for training."

Paige, SwissRX Customer


Why SwissRX?

SwissRX spares no expense when it comes to formulating and producing their products. The result is a product that works better and has research backing it's efficacy. SwissRX products may be expensive, but you'll know your supplements are working for you.

Are SwissRX products safe to use?

Yes, SwissRX takes quality seriously. All ingredients are tested for purity when they first enter the manufacturing facility. Finished products are then tested for purity and identity to be sure that the product contains the correct ingredients at the correct dosages. Between batches, manufacturing equipment is broken down and rigurously cleaned in order to reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

Are SwissRX Products only for high level athletes?

Not at all, SwissRX can benefit athletes of all abilities. In fact, we've found that athletes new to supplementation find some of the most benefit from starting a new protocol. When you don't have a personal chef or soigneur meeting you after your training, a high-quality recovery drink like Total Recovery, or a daily supplement regimen can make a positive impact to your training, recovery, and daily energy levels.


Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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