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As athletes, staying healthy has always been a key to performance. High intensity exercise can suppress and weaken the body's immune system, making this especially difficult during cold and flu season. 

This supplement is aimed at taking a sport focused preventative approach to immune health. Protect's formula contains a unique blend of plant-based nutrients to help prime key immune cells, protect against free-radical damage, and help combat exercise induced immune suppression.
The ingredients found in Protect include:
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Elderberry
  • Larch Tree (Resistaid)
  • Beta Glucan (wellmune)
Ingredient specific studies have shown athletes have improved respiratory health, energy, and vigor by optimizing immune health. Together, this blend of nutrients will help prevent micronutrient deficiencies that can lead to immune suppression, reduce the severity and length of the flu/flu-like symptoms, and build your immune system up to be stronger than ever. Don't let an upper respiratory infection ruin your training this year, and stay healthy with Protect!

How We Use It:
Take 2 capsules daily to help reduce your risk of getting sick and to help optimize your immune health, especially during periods of heavy training. 

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