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While you sleep, your body repairs damaged muscles, reinforces your immune system, and prepares you for the next day of training ahead. Getting restful sleep is key for performance and injury/illness prevention, but sometimes falling asleep isn’t the problem, it’s staying asleep! That’s where this awesome product from VitalFit comes in.

They combined their popular tart cherry with a marine based magnesium to help you get a more restful night’s sleep. Tart cherry has been shown to boost melatonin levels, which can help regulate your internal clock and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. The magnesium, derived from sea water, helps promote relaxation to balance mood and reduce stress before bed. Not to mention, the seawater provides 72 trace minerals to help facilitate a deep and restorative sleep.

This plant-based product is perfect for the busy athlete to add to their bedtime routine to help improve sleep quality and accelerate recovery. This product contains only tart cherry and marine-derived magnesium, so it’s free from sugar, sweeteners, and artificial flavors. Not to mention, it is gluten, grain, wheat, and dairy free as well as vegan friendly.

How We Use It:

Dissolve 1 tbsp into cold water and drink 30-45 minutes before bed. If you are new to taking magnesium, start with a lower dose and increase gradually to avoid stomach upset. We especially like this product during heavy periods of training when we’re more likely to have a hard time with sleep and recovery.

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