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VitalFit Red Root

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What we think

When VitalFit burst onto the scene a few months back we knew they were onto to something big.  Fast forward and their portfolio of products remain "game-changers" for one's sports nutrition needs.  Rest assured that you are looking at what we refer to as a "best-in-class" products.  Supplements these days come and go but know that VitalFit is here to stay! 

So what is VitalFit Red Root?  Redroot is an oxygenating, pre-training blend to help prime your body for the workout ahead. VitalFit has combined red-violet beets with raw red spinach to deliver stamina-boosting nitrates that keep your muscles feeling fresh and carry you through every circuit, interval, and rep thrown your way.  

This supplement lacks sketchy ingredients, tingly sensations, and a jittery crash. The natural nitrates in RedRoot are the key to letting your inner athlete shine. Your body converts these nitrates to nitric oxide, improving blood flow, reducing lactic acid, and transporting oxygen to your muscles. The endurance-building, fatigue-fighting effect allows you to ramp up the intensity, for longer, and without burning out—it's perfect for high-intensity cardio, functional strength, and challenging stability workouts.  Can you say win win?

How We Use It

We like mixing 1 loosely packed tbsp. in cold water 30 minutes before working out.  Cold water is best as we find it mixes better. 


What's Inside

For: 20 Servings

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Low Sugar
Ingredients: Red-Violet Beetroot Extract ~ Beta Vulgaris (3.5g) Raw Red Spinach Extract ~ Amaranthus Dubius (1g) No sugar. No sweeteners, & No artificial flavors. Gluten, grain, wheat & dairy free. Vegan.

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