VitalFit Essentials Vitamin B12 By VitalFit Nutrition

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VitalFit’s goal was to create restorative, plant-based supplements for health-conscious, fitness forward people. Well, they did just that with this new line of supplements collaborating with us here at The Feed! 

Vitamin B12 is important for proper formation of red blood cells, which are critical for athletes because this is how the body transports oxygen to working muscles during exercise. B12 also plays a vital role in neurological function, DNA synthesis, and energy metabolism.

This vegan, extended release vitamin B12 from VitalFit helps deliver nutrients to support energy metabolism, cognitive function, and nervous system health. If you have low energy, a history of low iron, or are a vegan/vegetarian, this supplement might be just what you need!

How We Use It:

Take one capsule daily with or without food.

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