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In a perfect world, we eat well balanced meals and snacks every day and get all of the nutrients we need from our food. However, with the busy lives many athletes and active people have, we know that this isn’t always possible. Keep yourself covered by supporting your nutrition with this men’s multi-vitamin from VitalFit, which contains 100% of the daily value for 18 vitamins and minerals.

So what sets this men’s multi-vitamin apart?

  • Palmetto extract: extracted from the fruit of the Saw Palmetto tree, this nutrient can help promote prostate health
  • Carotenoids and Lycopene: these are two pigments found in fruits and vegetables that have been shown to improve cardiovascular health by acting as powerful antioxidants
  • Probiotics: these can help support digestive health and support a healthy immune system by improving the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut 

This once daily multi is tailored to provide vitamins and minerals in the amounts men need and also has key nutrients that can support men’s health including a variety of herbs, plant foods, enzymes, and probiotics. These 100% vegetarian capsules have enzymes for easy digestion and absorption, which makes it easier to meet your daily nutrient needs. Support the active and busy lifestyle you have with these multi-vitamins! 

How We Use It:

Take one capsule daily with or without meals to help you meet your nutrient needs on the days you eat all of your vegetables, and on the days you don’t!

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