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VitalFit Essentials Melatonin By VitalFit Nutrition

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VitalFit’s goal was to create restorative, plant-based supplements for health-conscious, fitness forward people. Well, they did just that with this new line of supplements collaborating with us here at The Feed!

Melatonin is known as the “sleep hormone” and is produced naturally by the body to help regulate our circadian rhythm, also known as our internal clock. There are many reasons your natural melatonin production can be lacking, but no matter the reason the outcome is always the same: trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. We know how critical sleep is for athletes because this is the time during which the body rebuilds and repairs damaged tissues, reinforces the immune system, and well, recovers.

Sleep deprivation can increase risk for illness and injury, make it harder to recover between sessions, and let’s be honest it can just make getting through the day more difficult. Combat sleep deprivation and take control of your internal clock with this melatonin supplement! Melatonin can help restore some balance and promote regular, restful sleep. 

How We Use It:

Take one capsule 15 minutes before bed. It’s best not to use this supplement for longer than two weeks at a time, so we save this for weeks when we’re really struggling with sleep.


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