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VitalFit Essentials Magnesium By VitalFit Nutrition

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VitalFit’s goal was to create restorative, plant-based supplements for health-conscious, fitness forward people. Well, they did just that with this new line of supplements collaborating with us here at The Feed!

Magnesium is a mineral that is important for bone health, muscle recovery, and nerve signaling in our brain. 72% of Americans do not meet their daily magnesium needs, and this includes athletes! Make sure you’re getting the magnesium you need to support your training with this supplement from VitalFit. This jack of all trades mineral can help reduce muscle damage, improve muscle recovery, and regulate calcium while controlling important brain functions. Being deficient in magnesium can also make it more difficult to get a restful night of sleep, so this easy to digest supplement is a great way to turn deficiency into sufficiency. 

How We Use It:

Take three capsules daily with or without food to help meet 95% of your daily magnesium needs. To help with sleep quality, take one of these capsules right before bed.

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