VitalFit Essentials L-Theanine By VitalFit Nutrition

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VitalFit’s goal was to create restorative, plant-based supplements for health-conscious, fitness forward people. Well, they did just that with this new line of supplements collaborating with us here at The Feed!

L-Theanine is an amino acid that is most commonly found in green tea plants, both the leaves and the root. While its traditional uses date back to China 4,700 years ago, more recent research shows L-theanine can help the brain feel both more alert and yet relaxed. How is this possible you ask? Basically, it allows for stress relief and relaxation without causing drowsiness. In fact, L-theanine may help increase mental focus and attention. Supplementing with L-theanine helps support cognitive function, a balanced mood, and an improved stress response. If you experience a lot of stress or just need a way to ward off mental fog, this one is worth a try!

How We Use It:

Take one capsule daily with food or water. We like to keep this in our desk drawer at work so when we start to feel the afternoon exhaustion set it, it gives our brain that little zap of energy we need to get back to work.


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