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VFuel Endurance Gel

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What we think

VFuel Endurance Gels were created by a group of ultra runners and endurance athletes who were looking to fill a void they saw in the gel market. They wanted gel to taste good, use great ingredients, and perform how they needed it to perform. Through rigorous testing in the Rocky Mountains they have crafted an incredibly delicious and effective gel. Each ingredient serves a very specific purpose. While most gels use maltodextrin and fructose, VFuel uses maltose and dextrose. It's easier to absorb and hence causes less digestive issues. You can fuel exclusively on Vfuel during mega distance events because the ingredients keep your glycogen levels in your liver consistent, so you'll stay well-energized and experience no gastric discomfort.

The flavors are also incredible. They use only natural ingredients, so each gel is truly reflective of it's flavor. The maple bacon (yes, you read that right....maple bacon) is exactly what you'd want it to be, maple-y, bacon-y and delicious. You might not be sure how you'd feel about it mid-century on a hot day, but we guarantee, it's worth the try!

Feed's Fave: Peach Cobbler

How We Use It

VFuel is great to use mid-workout especially when that Bonk feeling is coming.  Take every 30 minutes to an hour of exerciese, best with water!

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