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Neversecond has perfected their fueling system by providing athletes with carbohydrates and sodium all within one product. They have simplified it down to 1 unit = 30 grams of carbs and 200mg of sodium (except the C90 drink mix, which has 90g of carbs and 200mg of sodium). This allows athletes to dial in their exact fuel and electrolyte needs no matter the duration, intensity, or heat they may face on race day.

This is why so many of the Life Time Grand Prix athletes love it - just ask John Gaston

The Leadville Trail 100 MTB fueling pack provides you with a sampling of their C30 gels, 2 with caffeine and 10 without, 20 servings of their C30 drink mix, and a 500mL Neversecond bottle!

Pack includes: 

1 x 20-Serving Bag of C30 Sports Drink Citrus flavor
2 x C30 Energy Gels Citrus flavor, 2 x C30 Energy Gels Berry flavor
2 x C30 Energy Gels Passion Fruit flavor
2 x C30 Energy Gels Fruit Punch flavor
2 x C30+ Caffeine Gels Cola flavor
2 x C30 Fuel Bars Berry flavor
1 x 500ml water bottle


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