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When talking about athletes and the keys to their success, we often mention the recovery aspect of nutrition.  Another key component to recovery is your overall body care!  You only have one!  You already take the best in sports nutrition so why wouldn't you choose the best in the body care arena?  The Grid Vibe Plus is another 'go-to' roller to improve mobility and circulation, and are recommended by sports doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.

TriggerPoint is quick to point out that the "The GRID VIBE™ Plus vibrating foam roller helps provide pain relief, increased relaxation, and faster recovery. Its cordless, rechargeable design features high-density EVA foam specifically in a compact, portable size for targeted relief."

Battery life on this magical roller runs about 2 hours.  Note - there are 4 speeds of vibration that one can control with the click of a button.  The ridges on the unit also focus on massaging and "squeezing" certain muscle groups.


  • Powercord
  • Roller with rechargeable battery
  • Owners Manual

How We Use It

After our workouts, we like to make time (yes...this means you need to make time!!) to stretch and roll out the legs and back.  We usually try and roll out 3-4 times per week if your an athlete that runs tight.  Start in very small amounts of time and work into a routine.  Your body will thank you!

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